COVID-19 Update: May 29th 2020

what the ‘new normal’ will look like at stone hairdressing salons in Kent

As always, it’s good to be in touch. As we move closer towards the date we are able to welcome you to the salon again, we want to share with you some of what we are preparing for your safety. 

We do not yet have a definite date, but we are optimistic for 4th July – as set out in Boris Johnson’s recovery strategy.

The team have been expanding their knowledge and gaining certifications in sanitation procedures to fight the Covid-19 virus. They are currently being briefed regarding the changes we will be making and will receive training before we re-open.

what safety measures will be in place at stone hairdressing salons?

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, things will be a little different when we return. The team will be wearing face coverings and will ask you to sanitise your hands when you enter.

We will greet you at the door and direct you straight to your pre sanitised styling station where your disposable towel and clean gown will be set out. At the end of your service you will checkout in your chair, we are minimising the amount of movement you have to make in the salon by managing your journey through the service.

what your hair appointment will look like when we reopen…

You will notice we are using a green and red signal system so you will know what has been sanitised. We will be undertaking pre-appointment consultations to ensure we have the correct service booked out for every guest and we can plan our time so that we do not run over and create situations of too many people in the salon.
We will no longer be charging for a service but for the time you need. We will provide a bespoke one to one service with a fully qualified stylist for your entire visit, this means we can be more creative and give you individual treatment, rather than being restricted by the service booked.

The pricing will be honest and transparent, an all-inclusive service, for colours and cuts, that allows you to know exactly what you will be spending before sitting in the chair with no hidden extras.

We are confident you will love this new level of service and enjoy being the sole focus of your stylist throughout your visit to the salon.Both our salons have had a deep clean and assessment of the equipment and fittings, it is not just the team that may look a little different, we want you to feel safe when you visit us.

is there anything I have before my appointment?

There are some things we may have to ask of you, for example, we will ask you to bring a large bag with which to put your jacket and bag so it can be safely stored on the chair next to you (which will be empty to comply with social distancing) and a pen with which you can write without fear of contamination. 

We will be temporarily pausing our refreshment service and we have removed the magazines, so we would encourage you to bring your own coffee, water and reading material. 

how to stay updated

We are currently working on a plan to get appointments rescheduled and we will be in contact as soon as we have a definite date. We will be working extended hours to accommodate people as best we can.
You will find all updates on our website and social media. A massive thank you for your messages of support and goodwill, it means a lot to us at this time. Stay safe.
The Team at Stone Hairdressing x