autumn hair colour trends 2020

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top autumn hair colour trends at stone hairdressing salons in Canterbury and Kings Hill

Are you thinking of trying out a brand new hair colour? Now is the time to do it! The arrival of the new season brings along some stunning Autumnal 2020 hair colour trends including deep, rich brunettes and golden honey hues.

Read on for some serious #hairinspo from stone hairdressing salons in Canterbury and Kings Hill. 

autumn hair colour trend 2020: glossy brunettes

Glossy BrunetteNow that summer is over, it’s time for blonde and lighter hair colours to make way for beautiful, shiny brunette colours. For gloriously glossy hair, try an all-over brunette or brown hair colour. 

 If you’re feeling daring, ask for some red-toned highlights to be added to your brunette locks.  This looks gorgeous when the sun comes out as your red highlights will catch the light and look fabulous!







autumn hair colour trend 2020: coral tones

CoralIn case you haven’t heard, coral happens to be one of the trendiest hair colours for 2020.  It’s a pink-orange shade with golden undertones that can be as bright or faded as you desire.

Some might even call it peach or apricot, but whatever name you give this shade it still remains a beautiful hair colour that will keep you looking bright over the autumn months.








autumn hair colour trend 2020: balayage

BalayagePeople are becoming more adventurous with their balayage as it continues to be a top trend. While sun-kissed blonde balayage is still very popular, clients are also asking for flecks of red to be weaved in, or beautiful deep brunette and even fashion colours are making it into the balayage mix.

Whatever look you desire, talk to our hair colour experts so they can advise you on the perfect colour for your hair. Jess is our in-house Balayage specialist – check out here work here.









autumn hair colour trend 2020: honey hues & golden tones

GoldenGolden tones, honey hues, buttery blondes and caramel blonde colours continue to be popular during the autumn months.

The sun tends to lighten your hair over the summer months leaving it looking a little washed out, but this can be balanced out with some warmer shades added throughout your hair.  Consider having some buttery blonde hair colours added as full colour, highlights or balayage.  










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