Hi there! My name is Jo, and I have been hairdressing since 2017. After completing my Level 2 Hairdressing qualification, I have chosen to continue studying for an advanced level 3 qualification currently completing my NVQ level 3.

I am passionate about doing hair-up for events as well as hair extensions. I have completed a Rapture tape hair extension course and feel competent in applying this method.

My future goal in the hairdressing industry is to master the art of wig crafting. My passion for wigs began when I had my hair cut super short back in late 2017, I didn’t look like myself and decided that wigs were the best way forward. I love it I could change my hair colour and style at any given time of day. Wearing wigs made me realise how important your hair is to yourself as an individual, which inspired me to look into the art of wig making.

Whilst on my hair extension course there were a few women who were doing this craft and I found it fascinating. I am hoping to be starting my new venture in mid-2020. I am looking forward to meeting all current and future clients here at
Stone Hairdressing. I am also looking forward to improving and widening my hairdressing knowledge as the years go on.
Thank you and I hope to see you soon Jo x

Jo @ Work…